Fur Babies

Where did I go wrong? I wrote the post… I hit “preview”.. I fixed my inevitable errors… I hit “publish”… and I just realized the post never showed up. I don’t know.

Anyhooooo… today’s challenge: use a new element in your post… well I would LOVE to use a photo, but the only camera I own (besides the one on my iPhone) is older than my children (which I mentioned in my disappearing post). So I’ll use photos from my phone. Please forgive me if these are HUGE or tiny. LOL.

This is my handsome husband and one of our pups, when he was still little. He’s WAY BIGGER now.

Mr. Hot and Zeus












Ok, there we go. I used a new element in my posts. 🙂 Yay, me!

I really would like a new camera. One of the reasons I started this blog is to share recipes… which I can not accurately do until I have a camera. 😦 Which is very sad for you because dinner was delish!

And this is Oscar when hims was just a baby. My little half wiener dog/ half pitbull. That was a rough day at the vet, getting all his puppy shots. He’s much bigger now, too. And yes, you read that correctly, half wiener dog/half pitbull. Strange bedfellows, I know, but he is the cutest stinkin dog you ever did see. Like a wiener dog on steroids. 😉

Oscar, the wonder dog.



I also have kids. And I love them very much…. but I have more pictures of my dogs. 😉

Off to snuggle puppies! Night night!



2 thoughts on “Fur Babies

  1. Love the picture of the dog! I have a half Rottweiler half Golden Retreiver. So basically a big walking pillow in the shade of a Rottweiler. Cuddliest dog in world though. I’m looking forward to reading more!

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