Here I am, cruising through life at the speed of crazy, just trying to get everything done everyone expects me to do… I don’t have time for most of the stuff I should be doing, let alone blogging… but… I do feel at my best when I’m overcommitted… and I do like to write… and I find myself absolutely hysterical. In real life, anyways. Sooooo I think to myself “Hey, self, lets start a blog. We aren’t a technical writer. We’ve long forgotten how to use half of these punctuation marks on the keyboard, we can’t remember how to spell anything without spell check any more AND we break down at the first sign of criticism, BUT LET’S BLOG!!!” Fabulous idea!

And being slightly OCD/ADHD (and any other combos of letter that represent someone who is a functioning crazed person) I had to “research” what all is involved in blogging.

*Just so you know as you read this, I am supposed to be leaving to pick up kids in like 4 minutes to get ready for my 12yo birthday party, yet I’m still writing… I procrastinate. That’s one of the habits I’m hoping to break with blogging.

In 3 years, when this is the only post on this blog, you’ll know it didn’t work.

SO, back to my research. I LOVE BLOGS. I love reading them. One time I found a blog wri- OH that’s my phone.. the snarky one is texting me that I need to pick her up.

Gotta go.