Ok, so where was I?

oh, that’s right… researching blogs… Well, actually it started innocently enough while searching online for a recipe. I found the perfect recipe buried deep in a blog from a woman who, I swear, should be my best friend. In fact, as I read post after post that night I almost emailed her to tell her that… however, just as I was getting ready to hit “send”, I realized that it was probly the bottle and a half of wine I had accidentally consumed while thoroughly engrossed in her blog that made it seem like a good idea. So, in order to avoid seeming “stalker-ish”, I never sent that email.

However, if I ever pass her on the street, I will probly act like a star struck fan.

So… I was inspired to start journaling. That lasted about 3 days.

And then there was THE BOOK… The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Have you read this book? You need to. Like, right now. This very instant. I think the first time (cuz I’ve read it about 9 times now) I read it, I did it in 2 days. No one got fed, no laundry got done, no dogs got taught any manners, no mail got opened. I didn’t even watch my favorite tv shows. I just read THE BOOK. It is AMAZING. It inspired me to do so many things. Everything she wrote resonated with me. Everything she wanted to tackle, I wanted to tackle, too. And I did… for about a week.

See, I have this little problem… I’m a perfectionist. If I slip up at all, or make a mistake, I can’t handle it and quit… This doesn’t apply to everything… If I screw up a recipe, I’ll plow my way through it because, well, my kids and hubby still need to eat… If I screw up at work, well, my boss still wants the project done, so I will power through and get it done. But when it comes to personal stuff, like journaling, exercise, eating right, taking care of myself… ect… I will completely give up if I don’t do it perfectly, every time… on what ever harebrained schedule I’ve decided in my own dysfunctional head is “right”…

So, I never started blogging…

And then…. last night, while searching for yet another recipe I stumbled across this little gem . OMG, I think this woman is hysterical… It all started with a recipe for Birthday Cake Pancakes for my little man (little man turns 12 today, not so little, I know). I found her recipe for Cake Batter Pancakes, then Cake Batter Cinnamon Rolls, then I discovered she has an unhealthy obsession with bacon…. And did I mention she is funny. I woke my hubby up several times laughing while laying in bed, reading her blog on my Ipad. (He was not amused. Even when I shared with him her funny anecdotes about married life.)


Ok enough about WHY I’m going to attempt blogging… I’m off to do Little Man’s 12th Birthday Party!




Here I am, cruising through life at the speed of crazy, just trying to get everything done everyone expects me to do… I don’t have time for most of the stuff I should be doing, let alone blogging… but… I do feel at my best when I’m overcommitted… and I do like to write… and I find myself absolutely hysterical. In real life, anyways. Sooooo I think to myself “Hey, self, lets start a blog. We aren’t a technical writer. We’ve long forgotten how to use half of these punctuation marks on the keyboard, we can’t remember how to spell anything without spell check any more AND we break down at the first sign of criticism, BUT LET’S BLOG!!!” Fabulous idea!

And being slightly OCD/ADHD (and any other combos of letter that represent someone who is a functioning crazed person) I had to “research” what all is involved in blogging.

*Just so you know as you read this, I am supposed to be leaving to pick up kids in like 4 minutes to get ready for my 12yo birthday party, yet I’m still writing… I procrastinate. That’s one of the habits I’m hoping to break with blogging.

In 3 years, when this is the only post on this blog, you’ll know it didn’t work.

SO, back to my research. I LOVE BLOGS. I love reading them. One time I found a blog wri- OH that’s my phone.. the snarky one is texting me that I need to pick her up.

Gotta go.