I apologize if this post looks weird. I haven’t tried posting from my iPad before, as I despise typing on this stupid “keyboard”.

Have you ever had one of those days where everything is just too loud? My boss was too loud, my coworkers were too loud, even my volume on my phone made it sound like the sweet receptionist from my daughter’s orthodonist’s office was screaming in my ear (I know she wasn’t but it was so loud!!). Everything! Traffic, my car, even my dishwasher sounds obnoxiously loud. The kids, the dogs, the husband, ohmygawwwwsh, the husband is SO LOUD.

So now I am hiding in my room, with my iPad. Tv is off, lights are low and I’m trying to find some silence. Except that as I sit here, the dogs are scratching at the door, my kids are hollering for me and my husband keeps asking me questions from the living room (which means he has to shout them at me).


Hopefully tomorrow won’t be so loud.